Producers and distributors

Carino Processing Ltd. 
Products:  Pelts, Meat & Oil
Phone: 709-582-2100
Fax:     709-582-2487

PhocaLux International Inc.
Products: Pelts, Meat and oil.
Fleur de Lys
President: Bernie Halloran
Phone: (709) 253-4332

Treats From The Sea
Kindens Fresh is Best Ltd.

Seasonal shipping of seal meat to Canada
hone: (709) 541-1086 (Fish Truck)
(709) 541-1347 Lobster Pool, Lewsiporte April – September 10am – 8 pm

In St. John’s: Thursdays. 10-6 on the waterfront (summer)


SeaDNA offers four delicious seal meat cuts: tenderloin, tenderloin trimmings and ribs. SeaDNA also offers various charcuteries in different forms including smoked seal, terrines, rillettes, sausage, jerky and pepperettes. Visit their website








Nutritional information in a PDF fact sheet,  for mechanically separated seal meat can be downloaded here:

We note this article from Namibia in November 2014

Namibia: Seal Meat to Hit Local Shelves Next Year
Full story is here: