Multimillion-dollar seal factory to be built in Lüderitz

Multimillion-dollar seal factory to be built in Lüderitz

The high rate of unemployment in Lüderitz could be reduced to a certain extent when a new multimillion-dollar seal-processing factory becomes operational next year.

The Minister of Fisheries of Marine Resources, Bernard Esau, during the planned seal factory’s ground-breaking ceremony held last Thursday at Nautilus Industrial Area in Lüderitz, applauded the efforts made by Uukumwe Youth Empowerment Consortium, a 100 percent Namibian entity initiated by young entrepreneurs. The consortium will be a shareholder in the factory.

The minister said that Uukumwe was first granted a quota in 2012 for a total of 5 000 pups and 356 seal bulls. Due to their continued commitment to increase value to the seal products, this quota has been increased to 7 299 pups and 543 bulls in the current harvesting season.

As part of their commitment to downstream development, Uukumwe initiated the seal factory in Lüderitz, which will enable them to process pelts, meat, blubber and other by-products.

“Through this project we expect the creation of new jobs that will not only supply products to the large Namibian market, but also international markets,” the minister emphasised. Esau indicated that his ministry prides itself on upholding the constitutional commitment to the maintenance of ecosystems, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and the utilization of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future. The seal factory will cost about N$15 million.

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