Many in Europe believe what Brussels lectures on animal rights and the inhumane culling of a species like seals to be gospel truth, that is there is no such hunt of any kind in Europe. But we here at the CSA believe otherwise and would like to remind our European friends of such facts. Thanks to an observant Swedish supporter of our web site and our cause (to lift the EU ban on seal product imports to Europe) he sent us a great link to seal hunting in Sweden. Sweden and Finland he reminds us,  has active seal hunting and opposed the EU sanctions against Canada’s exports of seal products to Europe. We are also aware of Scottish fishermen active in an annual seal cull to tackle the enormous seal herd off their coastline affecting fish stock levels.

Link to Swedish Hunting forum* and photos is here:

The following is a pictorial of how they butcher and prepare the seal meat in Sweden: Click here to view

*(Swedish language only)

Also in the news and on topic is a report that Europe is facing a seal population explosion which makes the European Parliament tackle the question on how to “manage” its seal population. Globe and Mail story October 9, 2012 is here