The CBC’s reporter Adam Walsh, who is currently on a fellowship from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada has filed a series of excellent reports about the prospects of increased sales in Canadian sealskin products in China. A series of fashion shows, showcasing sealskin fashions and products, hosted by the country’s only sealskin store, Always in Vogue, highlight the possible new markets for local producers and tanneries here in Canada.

Adam goes to the northeast of China to the city of Shenyang where sealskin sales will compete in sales with the ever popular mink coats, which have been a status symbol of wealth for years. Shenyang experiences very cold winters and we think they will love sealskin to stay warm!

Report is here

Watch below Adam Walsh’s video of the marketing and selling of sealskin products on show in Shenyang China from their source in Fleur de Lys in Newfoundland and Labrador (Thanks to

October 24, 2015
Atlantic Canada’s popular and fashionable furrier, Always in Vogue, were recently spotted showing their products at a luxury car show in Shenyang, China, last week.  Always in Vogue, who recently opened up a “Seal Boutique” In Shenyang are enjoying great success there with their sealskin products sourced from the Newfoundland and Labrador seal industry. Here are some images from the luxury car show with the models. All photos © Always in Vogue