Fur Institute of Canada met with industry stakeholders nationwide on Parliament Hill in a celebration of our fur industry.

Seal Product Gallery 2014

Below is a gallery of various images that show vessels on their way to the harvest off Labrador.

July 2013
Click here to see a great gallery from Eye on the Arctic magazine of a Inuit seal hunt conducted in March. Seal is one of the most important species for the Inuit.

October 2012
Here is a link to show how the Swedish butcher a seal in preparation for eating. (Thanks to a supporter from Sweden Magnus for this)



April 2014
We received two great editorial cartoons from local comic artist Wallace Ryan who sees the objectives of animal rights groups as primarily for profit orientated. Click each one to see larger view.

Wallace_Ryan_Ifaw1WallaceRyan_PETA Circus

January 2014
Jim Winter wrote an editorial piece for the IWMC World Conservation Trust newsletter in 2008 and we are happy to include that here. Click each page to read. (Apologies for the quality)
IWMC world conservation Trust IWMC world conservation Trust 1 IWMC world conservation Trust 2