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November 19, 2021

We thank Edd Twohig for his valued feedback and he wrote to us about an interview he heard on the radio with the new Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray

I went right to the replies about sealing. She said, “There isn’t a market that is larger for the products”.   I am sure that the Minister is not knowingly speaking an untruth. She may not have the knowledge. The Canadian Sealers Association  holds that there would be no sense in harvesting more than they could sell. The limiting factor is the quotas.  Many years ago, when I was in the business of producing protein for animals from fish waste, I offered to convert a closed plant to process excess seal protein from seal so there would not be waste. I could not get enough quota. Since then the size of the seal herds have quadrupled.

While in Namibia as a consultant to the Fisheries department, I instigated a trial canning of seal meat for the human and pet food market.  I wonder if it might  have been a seed of development. In 2017 a Namibian Youth Empowerment Consortium opened a  $15,000,000.seal  processing plant, to utilize 100% of the seal carcass.  In spite of the foolish restrictions of seal imports by some countries, Canadians could expand the product production and sale of seal products. Instead of listening to Ottawa, listen to the Canadian Sealers Association.

Edd Twohig, Kentville, Nova Scotia

September 2020
We came across this story today and it’s a good reminder how passionately those of us from Newfoundland and Labrador feel about our heritage and right to hunt a sustainable resource like seal. Wallace Ryan of St. John’s, was very brave standing up to protesters alone during one of their much ill informed misguided on facts protest downtown Toronto in 1981. Wallace defended our industry’s principles based on facts and details. The CSA appreciates all his support over the years.

June 2018
Local craftsperson Clare Fowler sent a letter to the Telegram that we liked so much and wanted to have on our website also. Thanks for your views Clare.

OPINION: Stop the exploitation of our people.

Let’s treat the activities of the International Animal Welfare groups  as a “project” with socio-economic impacts that need to be assessed.

Currently the Fisheries Act is used to manage these impacts, with a licensing scheme for IFAW and other observers who wish to approach within 10 meters of the hunting activity.  While that does something to help regulate observer behaviour (you can refuse a license to someone who intends to disrupt the hunt), it has been of limited effectiveness in reigning in the aggressive tactics of the International Animal Welfare Groups.  Their primary objective is to disrupt the hunt regardless of what they might write in their observer application.  This International group of bullies denigrates us to the world annually.   They arrive annually , approach within meters of the hunting activity, and subject the sealers to photo-documentation scrutiny which is later edited, taken out of context, and used as evidence of the supposed cruelty of the hunt,…..

See here to read full letter

April 2018


Author: Jim Winter, founding president, Canadian Sealers Association

The European Union recently announced that products made from seals hunted by Inuit people can continue to be sold in the EU despite the 2009 ban that prevents the importation or sale of all other seal products. It is impossible to imagine a sealing policy that would be more hypocritical and anti-democratic.

Canadian sealing is a sustainable use of a natural resource carried out by licensed, well-trained sealers under the rules and regulations of the government of Canada, which have been developed based upon both population science and humane killing techniques, and apply to all Canadians. In 1971 a quota management program was established for the Northwest Atlantic harp seal stock, and the population is estimated to have grown since then from 1.8 million to the 5.9 million, according to the IUCN. World-wide the population is close to 8 million. As well,  other seal species hunted in Canada fall into the category of “All known stocks … increasing in number”.

Despite the comments of the animal rights groups, the world-wide markets for seal products (food, Omega-3 fatty acids, oil, fur, leather) continue to exist. They exist but are inaccessible because the decades-old animal rights corporations’ propaganda campaigns have co-opted (bought?) politicians in the EU, the USA, Britain and other countries to deny their citizens their democratic right to choose to buy seal products: or not.

Very few people in western society believe in animal rights

In The USA, Britain and the EU surveys suggest the animal rights philosophy (i.e., no animal use) is adhered to by less than 3 percent of people. And because of this lack of popular support, animal rights corporations can only further their agenda by using their multi-million-dollar war chests to lobby politicians to pass laws denying citizens their right of choice: anti-democratic to say the least. Like autocrats throughout history, it seems that these wealthy activist corporations don’t trust individual citizens to do “the right thing”. Hypocrisy Everywhere

Protecting “morals”??

The World Trade Organisation enquiry found that the “seal ban” was against its rules, but in the interest of protecting the “morals” of EU citizens the ban would stand: thus buying into the animal rights propaganda that killing seals is immoral. An interesting decision given that many countries within the EU and Britain continue to kill seals legally in the Baltic and North seas. The USA continues to allow harvesting of northern fur seals in the Pribilof Islands, creating an exemption to its own Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), despite the fact that the IUCN lists the species as “vulnerable” and cautions that the Pribilof stock “has experienced a significant, steep decline in recent years.” Yet it bans the importation of Canadian seal products under the same MMPA, despite the fact that the harp seals killed (Nor any of the other seal species killed by Canadians) have never, ever been on any reputable list (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, for example) of endangered or threatened species. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

Inuit “Exemption” Almost Racist

Animal rights groups constantly make pious, politically correct statements that they are not against Inuit sealing. For decades, Inuit organisations (including the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) which represents Northern Aboriginal communities around the world) has rejected this “exemption” as being meaningless, based in a colonialist mentality, and little short of racism.

Sealing in Canada is about people earning a living. It is about selling the products and using the products for personal needs.

Thousands of rural Canadian citizens are directly and indirectly employed in the sealing industry earning a living for their families. Sealing is part of an annual mosaic of income for rural Canadians whose money is derived from a number of individual activities that in total provide a livelihood that enables them to live in their communities. The same thing applies to Canadian farmers, ranchers, trappers, hunters, and so on: the only difference is the species killed. Few rural Canadians have the luxury of a guaranteed annual salary.

Animal rights groups keep on about a “buyout” for those in the sealing industry. A one-year buyout? A two-year buyout? Or an annual buyout till all those involved have died? For whom? For sealers, plant workers, truckers, diesel suppliers, insurance agents, garment manufacturers, artists, artisans, grocery suppliers, gun and ammunition stores, vehicle sales people? For all or only some of them? Will they pay the many millions involved? No. These American-headquartered multi-million-dollar corporations want the Canadian tax payer to subsidize their ridiculous views.

“Baby seals”?

The use of the word “baby” is simply an anthropomorphism (the Bambi syndrome) designed to influence and upset urban people who have a total disconnect with the sources of their food, clothing, medicines and other objects of daily use. The seals killed are fully weaned, are independent of their dames, and are on their own to survive or not: this is nature. Not Yogi or Pooh bears who live in a fictional fantasyland.

Death by gunshot or hakapik  (about 98% of Canadian seals are killed by a gunshot to the head) is instantaneous as found by innumerable studies by independent vets from Canada, the USA and the EU. The only negative studies have been bought and paid for by animal rights groups. The reality is that no animal-killing is pretty. It is by nature ugly. But pretty and ugly are not synonyms for right and wrong or good and bad. Sealing is simply an outdoor abattoir without the offal problems of land-based abattoirs (dumping it in landfills) because what we cannot use we leave on the ice to return to the eco-system as food for birds, marine mammals, fish and crustaceans: ecologically correct and green. So green Kermit would blush.

Travesty of Fiction Over Fact

The reality of the 50 years of animal rights corporations’ propaganda has been the diminution of the incomes of thousands of Canadian citizens while these American-headquartered groups have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from people who think they are supporting animal care and conservation. One group alone has assets over $100 million annually.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: never have so many been so misled by so few for such nefarious reasons. For decades these corporations have said nothing new, yet their comments are deemed “newsworthy”. They and their celebrity friends utter ridiculous comments and no journalists challenge them. It’s a circus, a travesty of fiction over fact, and proof that hypocrisy reigns supreme. It is media manipulation of the highest order. Propaganda is an insidious thing and unless countered by a free press prepared to ask the hard questions it will continue ad infinitum. It is time for individuals, politicians and media to remember the immortal line of Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

The anti-sealing story is the second greatest propaganda campaign of the last 85 years. Democracy is about the right of citizens to choose for themselves and not have “owned” politicians steal their democratic rights. History has shown us that when propaganda triumphs, democracy loses. Democracy demands a critical, questioning, sceptical media to succeed but what we get instead, when it comes to sealing, is a media that parrots old stories ad infinitum and thus becomes little more than the PR arm of the animal rights corporations.

Nobody in the Canadian sealing industry wants people to buy their products if they do not wish to. Canadian sealers only want all citizens to have their democratic right to choose for themselves to use or not use seal products.

Animal rights is not animal conservation or animal welfare.

The goal of animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the US (and its extension, Humane Society International) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to name but two, is not to end sealing but rather to end man’s use – not just killing, but any use – of all animals for any reason. Read their mission statements. Seals are the tactic not the goal.

Anti-sealing is the epitome of George Orwell’s position in Animal Farm: all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

The animal rights anti-sealing corporations may have won some battles but not the war. If they win the war you will have to look around to see whom among you will be the next victim. The beef, pork, chicken or lamb producers? The trappers, hunters or fur farmers? The clothes manufacturer, shoemaker, auto manufacturer or furniture manufacturer? Anyone who uses animals for any purpose at all? You?


Nobody in the Canadian sealing industry wants people to buy their products if they do not wish to. Canadian sealers only want all citizens of all countries to have their democratic right to choose for themselves to use or not use seal products.

The author, Jim Winter, is an ex CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) journalist, ACTRA (Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists) award winning documentary writer and founding president of the Canadian sealers association.

March 2018

Animal rights corporations’ attacks on Faroe Islands and Canada are a labyrinth of lies

By Jim Winter. Published March 20 2018 on The Local Faroe Islands

BANG…………….. One dead seal out of a population of about 7 million  500 thousand.

For over 50 years Canadian marine mammal scientists have studied the Harp seal herd off the east coast of Canada so we have a very, very good understanding of them.

From this science the government of Canada sets annual quotas that sealers can kill and yet sustain the health of the heard. During this period we have more than tripled the size of the herd.

The seals we hunt are fully weened and independent of their dames.

Harp seals are not now nor have ever been listed by any reputable conservation agency as being either endangered or threatened.

All Canadian sealers are trained and are licensed by the Government of Canada. About 99% of the seals are killed by a rifle shot to the head causing instant death. We don’t often miss. Think in terms of Annie Oakley.The remaining seals we take are killed instantly by a blow to the head with a regulation club or hakapik.

We use everything we can of the animal. The meat for food. The pelt for fur and leather. The fat for oils and Omega3. What we cannot use we leave on the ice as food for marine mammals, birds, fish, and crustaceans. The products we produce are natural and sustainable. We work in an eco friendly manner that is environmentally sound. We are so green that Kermit would blush.

We and the scientists are aware of the potential of global warming to change both our and the seals environment.  As responsible hunters we will adapt as required.

There is only one seal hunt in Canada and that is a commercial hunt based upon earning a living. The people of Nunavut, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador all hunt seals the same way for the same reason. Some of the animal goes to personal use and some is sold to provide income for our families.

Anti sealing groups constantly make pious, politically correct statements that they are not against Inuit sealing. Inuit organisations – including the Inuit Circumpolar Conference – have rejected this “exemption” as being economically meaningless, paternalistic, and colonialistic.

The recent World Trade Organisation enquiry found that the “seal ban” was illegal but to protect the “morals” of EU citizens the ban would stand. An interesting decision given that many countries within the EU legally kill seals as do Americans and Russians. They both also ban Canadian seal products. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

Bans exist because the multi million dollar American headquartered anti sealing propagandists own politicians in many countries. The bought politicians pass laws denying their citizens their democratic right of choice. One anti sealing corporation has assets of over one hundred million dollars. Little wonder they have pet politicians doing their bidding.

International markets for seal products exist as they always have. But Canadian sealers are denied access though the actions of hypocritical   international politicians in the pockets of the anti sealing corporations. The democratic right of citizens of those countries to use or not use seal products has been stolen.

Anti sealing propagandists have manipulated media for half a century with their unsubstantiated comments and pseudo facts, aided and abetted by their celebrity friends. They issue “no news” press releases for media regurgitation. They and their celebrity friends organise media stunts and journalists comes running like Pavlov’s dogs to the bell parroting what is said no matter how ridiculous. An uncritical media acts as their PR arm rather than as legitimate journalists who query and question. The entire media circus is a travesty of fiction over fact.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: never have so many been deceived by so few for such a nefarious reason.

Many thousands of rural Canadians are directly and indirectly employed in the sealing industry earning a living for their families. Unlike urbanites few rural people have the luxury of an annual salary. So each little bit of income counts.

Ending sealing is not the goal of the animal rights corporations it is merely a tactic. Their goal is the elimination of man’s use, any use, of all animals for any reason. If they are successful in their anti sealing campaign who will be the next victim. You?

Anti sealing propaganda is an insidious thing and unless countered by a critical press and politicians prepared to ask hard questions it will continue as long as it is profitable. Anti sealing is the second greatest propaganda campaign of the last 85 years.

It is time for politicians and media to remember the immortal lines of Pogo: I have met the enemy and he is us.

It is time for politicians to climb out of the pockets of these multi million dollar anti sealing corporations and grant their citizens their democratic right to choose for themselves to use or not use seal products.

It is time for the media to climb out of the pockets of these anti sealing corporations and do what journalists are supposed to do: question, query, investigate and bring some skepticism to the so called facts they are fed.

Canadian sealers want all citizens of all countries to have their democratic right to choose for themselves and not have that right denied by bought politicians and knee jerk journalism.

Change bad laws and give the democratic choice to buy or not buy seal products to the people not the politicians.

History proves that when propaganda triumphs democracy loses.

BANG…………. Another dead seal out of a population of about 7 million 500 thousand.

The Faroe Islands are also victimized by vicious American propaganda based campaigns

The Faroe Islands, Newfoundland-Labrador, and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands and North Shore have things in common: relative isolation, small populations, distinctive cultures, and a dependency on limited natural resources.

They have a very good understanding of the management of those resources whether they be animate or inanimate. An understanding based in education blended with decades of experience. An understanding based in knowing the difference between uncontrolled exploitation and controlled utilization. An understanding based in living with the land and sea rather than the urban reality of living on the land and existing through the labours of the rural people who provide the necessities of life.

Yet Canadians and Faeroe Islanders are victimized by the vicious propaganda based campaigns of the American headquartered multi, multi million dollar animal rights corporations.

Propaganda campaigns aimed primarily at the urban dwellers of mainland Europe, the UK and the USA whose understanding of nature is more based in Bambi, Yogi and Pooh bears than it is in the reality of nature.

What these urbanites have in common is an anthropomorphic view of the animal world. Thus propaganda attacks upon those of us who kill animals responsibly for appropriate purposes is a huge, massive, fund raiser for these animal rights corporations.

Species population statistics, killing techniques or utilization levels have nothing to do with it. It is all about raising money from ignorant urbanites to both stroke the egos of the leaders of these corporations and pull yet more media stunts to raise more money and get on TV more often. It is a vicious circle enabled by a media more interested in easy sell stories than in proper journalism.

Jim Winter is an ex-journalist with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and other organizations. He is an Association of Canadian Radio Artists (ACTRA) – like the BAFTA awards in the UK –  winner as a documentary writer. He was also the founding president of the Canadian Sealers Association (CSA).

February 2018

Kim Ploughman writes a reflective look back at the early days of standing up to the sealing propaganda war inflicted upon our industry in the late 1970’s in this wonderful article she put together for a local magazine called The Downhome. It highlights the formation and times of a group called “CodPeace” to counter the falsehoods spread upon our province by the likes of anti-sealing protesters, such as Greenpeace and celebrities Brigitte Bardot, who “had pushed too many culturally sensitive buttons by maligning the province and its people. It was retaliation time – with satire. ”   You can read the full article here

May 2017

Sealing industry is much more than sealers

by Jim Winter, former CSA president

The sealing industry is like most industries in that it employs many more people than simply the primary producer.

While the sealers are the primary producers in the sealing industry, by no means are they the only economic participants. Economists measuring the value of an industry take into consideration all those whose economic activities are dependent on the work of the primary producers. This is usually referred to as spin-off economic benefits. It makes up the total value of the industry.

Read the full article on The Telegram’s website here

January 2017

Below is a recent letter from Jim Winter of St. John’s to The Hill Times, an Ottawa magazine on all things political in Canada. Jim writes about the missed opportunity by our leaders to address and abolish the unfair import of seal products and ban imposed by the EU parliament  

Dear Sir / Ms.,

I understand that many Canadians approve of the CETA free trade agreement as the reduction in tariffs has the potential to increase Canadian exports to Europe and thus improve both our GDP and balance of trade figures and this would be a good thing.

I also understand that many Canadians are against the CETA agreement because of the fact that should an international corporation deem that internal Canadian laws inhibit their profits they can appeal to an unelected tribunal to have those Canadian laws changed or demand a financial penalty from Canada and thus influence our sovereignty.

What I do not understand is why the Canadian bureaucrats who negotiated  CETA on behalf of both the Harper and Trudeau governments left off the table the ultimate tariff: a trade ban on certain Canadian products. A total ban on Canadian seal products. A ban based – as stated in the EU Parliament and many of the member states’ Parliaments – on protecting the morals of EU citizens from those immoral Canadians. These laws codify Canadians – not specific Canadians but simply Canadians – as an immoral people based upon the propaganda of the multi million dollar American headquartered animal rights corporations who own European politicians. These laws are not based on protecting endangered species (we have about 7 1/2 million Harp seals) as none of the seals Canadians kill are, nor have ever been, on any reputable list of endangered or even threatened species. Canadian laws and quotas ensure a humane sustainable hunt that provides income to families in many parts of our country. The World Trade Organisation (an unelected tribunal) confirmed to the Canadian Government that these European laws were in violation of WTO rules but would stand to protect the morals of European citizens.

I understand that many will argue that CETA is a case of “the greater good”. But as most philosophers and political scientists will tell you rarely, if ever, has any good, let alone a greater good, come from decisions based on this concept. 

It would appear that Prime Minister Trudeau accepts the immorality of Canadians as legislated by EU politicians and confirmed by the WTO as he has signed off on the CETA agreement as it stands.

However, it is up to the ladies and gentlemen of both houses of our Parliament to ratify CETA through their votes before it can be law. Their votes will tell Canadian citizens if they accept or do not accept the condemnation by EU politicians of Canadians as an immoral people.

I suggest to the members of both houses of Parliament that they vote to send the CETA agreement back to the Europeans – like Wallonia did – and demand the removal of the seal ban and in doing so remove the EU condemnation of Canadian citizens as an immoral people. 

And then consider CETA on its merits as a financial agreement that could benefit Canadian business and tax payers: or not.

Jim Winter

St. John’s,  NL

Congratulations to Scott Simms and to Our entire Canadian
by Bernie Halloran, Owner of Always in Vogue, St. John’s, NL   October 11, 2016

Government for finally taking a Positive stand on our Amazing Seal Industry.  We are all so proud and looking forward to Seal Products Day May 20th, 2017. AIV will be there in full support.

After reading some of the negative comments below it makes you wonder what Planet these nay-sayers actually live on. All the facts and information are available today with just a touch of a finger to make an intelligent opinion. Do your home work people..

Can someone  Please explain intelligently to me the difference between a Seal, vs Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Pigs, etc. Why target one Species? Why bully the Seal Industry?  As Paul Watson once said on the CBC Barbara Frum Show. The Seal Industry is the easiest to target.. ( Look It Up ) google it. Thats facts, not lies.   So  Where is the difference? Haven’t you figured out Yet?  The PETA s’ and IFAW’s of the world are all about the MONEY and send your donations. Wake up. HELLO!!!, Send your donations and we will buy a new Yacht and check this our for you..LOL. Are People that stupid? We understand the propaganda years ago but not today.  With respect to some of the negative opinions below. The word Hypocrite jumps to mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to  take a closer look at their day to day lives..Wouldn’t it be nice to expose these bullies for what they truly are..They are only one of two kinds of people.. They are all Hypocrite’s or they are ( as we say on the ROCK ) a bit Stunned.  As AIV has  always said and will continue to promote, if the Seal Industry is wrong, then the whole world is wrong.. What arrogance..they possess, what stupidly to bully such an  amazing Industry and manageable Natural Resource.

Today the the Seal Industry is all about promoting full utilization of the animal, Our Seal Industry is  all about Ocean Management and renewable resource. We are the stewards of our Ocean. Who better to manage our Children’s Heritage and future ?  The truth be know the Fashion Side of the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Some of the new Products and Fashions are incredible. But fashion is taking a back seat to the intriguing new development of Seal Oil ( omega 3 ) and the Meat side of the Industry.  If People are not using Seal Oil in their diets today, they sincerely should be.  Our bodies and diets have changed through the years and need Omega 3 for so many disease preventive measures. The Seal Meat is so high in protein and becoming more and more sought after world wide.

Scott Sims, Congrats to you and your fellow MP’s  and our entire  Canadian Government for finally making a positive stand and supporting this amazing Industry and Natural Resource. Let’s take on the bullies together with facts and Knowledge.. Who can argue with that.  Good on you Ottawa.

P.S Newfoundland and Labradorians have been bullied now for over 40 years on this issue. We have stood proud behind our Industry and Heritage. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians GET IT .. We will never back down.  We know we are on the side of Right.  We predict USA in the future removing Seal Products from there Marine Mammal Act legislation. ( Only because they will want our Seal Oil ) That should have never been a part of their Legislation in the first place.  ( Direct from a retired USA Supreme Court Judge that purchased a Seal Jacket for his wife many years ago in defiance of the ridiculous imposed Law..) The Law was put in place for Dolphins and Wales and never intended for Seals.. Seals are not endangered. Wake up USA..  We predict Europe welcoming with open arms all Seal Products once again in the Future. They will find a way to justify there bully tactics of the past. Mark it down,They will find someone to blame. The Truth is this..  Seal Oil is the Game changer. If your not taking Seal Oil Capsules ( omega 3 ) you should strongly look into it today..  Just our Opinion but its a very good opinion.

Bernie Halloran

AIV  St. John’s NL

January 14, 2016

Letter sent to us from Terry P. of Pasadena Newfoundland and Labrador, regarding Bill S-208, National Seal Products Day and was also addressed to our new federal MP for Labrador’s Long Range Mountains region.

Good morning, Gudie,

Congratulations upon your election as our MP and your appointment as parliamentary secretary for Small Business and Tourism.

As a constituent, I want to declare my support for Bill S-208, National Seal Products Day.  

Many of the fishers in our small coastal communities continue to depend upon the economic benefits of the seal fishery, as did generations before.  The harvesting methods used today are humane and sustainable. It is also reported that seals consume an estimated 12M tonnes of commercial species a year; that is money lost to small business and small communities.  The seal hunt is currently worth just $1M to our economy, but it has the potential to be worth so much more thanks to the marketing efforts of the Canadian Sealers Association.

I encourage you to support Bill S-208 and the small business opportunities that can be supported by formally recognizing May 20 as National Seal Products Day.

Terry P in Pasadena



December 1, 2015
Paul Sparkes is a long time journalist intrigued by the history of Newfoundland and Labrador and remembers his research of the biologist Arthur Walter Mansfield who did a remarkable amount of research and reporting on sea creatures, notably the seal. Information from a Government of Canada coil-bound book by Dr. Mansfield  “Seals of Arctic and Eastern Canada.” is reviewed by Mr. Sparkes in this recent Telegram article here.

April 7, 2014 – CBC.ca radio’s Jamie Baker from The Fisherman’s Broadcast radio show:
The changing tone of the seal harvest
Baker writes about how various anti-sealing and animal rights groups and the stakeholders in the sealing industry adjust their tactics as the never ending debate rages on. Click here for full article


Yvonne Jones, MP   The Seal Hunt

Febraury 27th, 2014    – Yvonne Jones, Labrador member for Canada’s federal parliament in Ottawa,  was a former provincial fisheries minister and the first woman to lead the Liberal Party of Newfoundland & Labrador, in 2007-10. Here she recalls for “Blacklock’s Reporter”  what the seal hunt meant for her family growing up in Labrador.


January 23, 2014   Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme
Jim Winter wrote an editorial piece for the IWMC World Conservation Trust newsletter in 2008 and we are happy to include that here. Click each page to read. (Apologies for the quality)

IWMC world conservation Trust IWMC world conservation Trust 1 IWMC world conservation Trust 2






January 21, 2014
Sealing a rightful rural occupation
Jim Winter wrote an excellent article in 2007 for The Fishing News International paper and he gladly shared it with us for your interest. Jim is a journalist and an Association of Canadian Radio and Television Artists best documentary writer award winner. He is also the founding president of the Canadian Sealers’ Association.







December 17, 2013    Letter from Gary W.  in PEI
Subject: EU
Hi from P.E.I.  I have to admit that I have not closely followed the exact arguments and decisions regarding the ban on the seal hunt and the export of related products. However, I would like to offer a few suggestions (which you may already have considered) regarding strategy:

A list should be drawn up of participating EU members, showing controversial animal practices in each country i.e.  The torture involved in the harvest of frogs’ legs for the French market. The widespread use of force-feeding for ‘foie gras’. The use of horse meat; the number of animals (some rare, as the bison) for clothing – visit Harrod’s of London for an example; the killing of deer (especially in the U.S.) for gloves, boots, whatever. Do many people know that it is legal to eat cats and dogs in Switzerland, and that animals are being raised for consumption? Also in that country there is a large demand for cat fur for blankets etc. List these countries one by one, with their cruelty and laws shown.

I feel that the Orient should be the main market for seal products – fish dishes are very popular, and no one can accuse anyone of scruples, what with sharks being ‘de-finned’ at sea, and the Japanese whale hunt. Perhaps oriental chefs should be invited to contests for the best dishes using seal meat. Large cash prizes, major media exposure in their respective countries.

As we all know, the vast numbers of seals and their effect on the marine environment must be checked. Too many seal-hunt objectors have watched ‘Bambi’ too many times. In a word – pretty animals live, ugly ones die. Where is the ‘Save the Snakes’ society, of the ‘Committee for the Preservation of Spiders’?
Best Wishes.
Gary W.

November 25, 2013     WTO / EU Ban – Opinion piece by Stuart L. Harvey
With the recent publicity surrounding Harper’s trade negotiations between Canada and the European Economic Community, discussion on the Canadian Seal Hunt has once more surfaced, because seal products are still banned and cannot be imported legally into the EEC. … You can read the full (November) article on his website here

The Deal With Seals by Jamie Baker
February 18, 2013   Cast your eyes on this blog entry on swiles and take it in — because I promise it is the very last time you will see me writing about the seal FISHERY (see what I did there? I didn’t say “hunt” – I said “fishery.” Suck on those apples). Read more…

Rex Murphy: On with the seal hunt!
I’ve written here before about the lumbering peril on the roads down in Newfoundland. Driving around the island can be something like a UFC fight between man and moose. Between the small second-hand car — a favourite mode of travel back home on The Rock — and the hairy mastodon (that would be the moose), there is no competition really. Read more…

Animal welfare respected in seal hunt: Study
November 6th, 2012. (Sun News Media) OTTAWA — A pair of researchers — one Canadian and one Australian — have given the much-maligned seal hunt a seal of approval. In a new study published in the Animal Welfare journal, two veterinarians conclude that “based on current practices, there is no reliable evidence that the Canadian harp seal hunt differs from other forms of exploitation of wildlife resources from the perspective of animal welfare.” Full article here.


Sealing versus Slaughterhouse: A comparison Part 1

Sealing versus Slaughterhouse: Part 2

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