Pelts, Meats and Oil

Below are links to companies making exporting or distributing seal products,  seal skin, waterproof jackets, boots, seal fur, seal oil and various leather products.

Carino Processing Ltd. 
Products:  Pelts, Meat & *Oil –
*large orders of seal oil quantities
Phone: 709-582-2100
Fax:     709-582-2487

Note to exporters: Official documents required can not yet be issued from the Canadian Government.  Carino can sell anywhere in Canada oil and meat, and we can export to Hong Kong but not Mainland China.

PhocaLux International Inc.
Products: Pelts, Meat and oil.
Fleur de Lys
President: Bernie Halloran
Phone: (709) 253-4332

Seal Oil Products

Auum omega 3 boost capsulesAuum Mammalian Omega 3

Auum mammalian Omega 3 formulations are an incredible breakthrough in bioscience and possibly the single most important action you can take to improve and sustain your health. Auum Omega 3 is a “mammalian” oil from harp seal blubber.  It it perfectly balanced at 1 to 1 ratio of Omega-3s and Omega-6s hence a “healing balance.”   Health Canada, the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society ALL recommend an increase in dietary Omega-3.

Visit their website for more information and sales.

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