A Message from Dr. Robert Ackman
World-Renowned Expert on Fish and Seal Oils

As early as 1960, a doctor in Halifax, Nova Scotia gave seal oil to his patients to improve their blood lipids. He did not know at the time about the good health of the Arctic Eskimos who ate a diet rich in seal meat and oil, and as it was later discovered, seldom suffered heart attacks. The publicity of this discovery, in 1979-80, indicated that the Eskimo benefited from the three long chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids, commonly known as EPA, DHA and DPA.

nutition_label_sealmeatFish oils were used in medical research in the USA and Europe, and thousands of medical studies have shown that the EPA and DHA of these oils have clinical benefits. In that work, the DPA was ignored because fish oil contains very little. However, it has always been important in human milk fatty acids, now an important research area for DHA in connection with infant brain development and the continued good health of the mother. In ten thousand years, human society has changed from a hunting diet, emphasizing animals and fish, to one dependent on large-scale farming.

Our body biochemistry, based on a model perfected at least a million years ago, will take thousands of generations to adapt to this new lifestyle based on agriculture. The so-called “essential” fatty acids produced by farm products are of a shorter chain length than the Omega-3 fatty acids of seal oil. Our bodies do make the truly essential long-chain fatty acids from the farm products, but slowly, and the Omega-3 type may suffer from competition from the excess of Omega-6 type in them. It is time to go back to enriching the diet of the entire family with all three Omega-3 fatty acids. Seal oil provides an easy solution to re-balancing our fatty acid intake.

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John LaBerge and his wife, both survivor of a physical injury, benefited greatly since first getting a bottle of seal oil capsules in 1998 and say it reduces their need for other regular medications and allows his wife to be more mobile.