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If you live in Quebec you are in luck with this incredible website that has online ordering for seal meat and many more items related to seals! SeaDNA offers four delicious seal meat cuts: tenderloin, tenderloin trimmings and ribs. SeaDNA also offers various charcuteries in different forms including smoked seal, terrines, rillettes, sausage, jerky and pepperettes. Visit their website

Carino Processing Ltd.

Products: Pelts, Meat & Oil
Phone: 709-582-2100
Fax: 709-582-2487

PhocaLux International Inc.
Products: Pelts, Meat and oil.
Fleur de Lys
President: Bernie Halloran
Phone: (709) 253-4332

In St. John’s


They sell seal flippers, seal carcass, seal meat vacuum sealed, seal stew as well as seal jewelry.

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In Vancouver:
Edible Canada
Address: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada
Hours: Open today · 11AM–9PM
Phone: +1 604-682-6681

In Toronto:
Kukum Kitchen
581 Mount Pleasant
Toronto, Ontario
+1 416-519-2638


Treats From The Sea
Kindens Fresh is Best Ltd.

Seasonal shipping of seal meat to Canada
hone: (709) 541-1086 (Fish Truck)
(709) 541-1347 Lobster Pool, Lewsiporte April – September 10am – 8 pm

In St. John’s: Thursdays. 10-6 on the waterfront (summer)


Nutritional information in a PDF fact sheet, for mechanically separated seal meat can be downloaded here: