2110, 2018

Labrador sealskin upholstery business growing

Sealskin is a more difficult material to work with compared to leathers and synthetic coverings, according to Danny Swearinger, but he believes the look of the finished pieces are worth the extra effort. American Danny [...]

406, 2018

OPINION: Stop the exploitation of our people.

Let's treat the activities of the International Animal Welfare groups  as a "project" with socio-economic impacts that need to be assessed. Currently the Fisheries Act is used to manage these impacts, with a licensing scheme [...]

2205, 2018

May 22 is National Seal Day

Today the 2018 National Seal Products Day will have the main event with a fashion show and Industry Dinner in Ottawa, ON, as well as a reception, pop-up sale, and speeches from Industry partners to [...]

805, 2018

Could a seal cull help cod recover?

Eldred Woodford, president of the Canadian Sealers Association, responded to the question that has been asked many times in recent years: Could a seal cull help cod recover?  Mr. Woodford  said he would for an all-out seal [...]

404, 2018

2018 Seal Harvest Opening Date Announcement

DFO advises Newfoundland and Labrador Seal harvesters that the seal fishery will re-open in Sealing Areas 4 to 23 and Sealing Areas 25 to 27 at 0600 hours on April 9. This fishery will open [...]