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I Support The Seal Hunt


Associations & Organizations

Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board (PFHCB)

Fish Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW)

Demand Action On Seals

The Fish Harvesters’ Resource Centre

Magdalen Seal Hunters Association

Nunavut Sealing

National Seal Day

Global Seal Harvests

Below is a list of links of (or reports of) seal harvests and management culls around the world:








China Fur & Leather Products Fair
Hong Kong
Istanbul Leather Fair


Le Cuir A Paris




CBC Fisheries Broadcast


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Nordic Association of Agricultural ScientistsFur Council of Canada

The International Fur Trade

Fur Council of Canada

Fur Information Council of America

Fur Institute of Canada

China Leather Industry Association

Hong Kong Fur Federation

Japan Fur Association (JFA)


Italian Fur Trade Federation

Korean Fur Industry Cooperatives

Russian Fur Federation

Swiss Fur Association

Turkish Fur Association


Archival Moments by Larry Dohey
Great historical informative website to search for research on the early sealing era of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian Association of Omega 3 Manufacturers
The Canadian Association of Omega 3 Manufacturers was established in response to a need to clearly identify and differentiate the highest quality Omega 3 products in Canada.

Animal Scam
Groups such as PETA and HSUS come under the microscope here on this excellent tell-all website.

Visit Target of Opportunity, a US based website for some perspectives on animal rights groups and their activities in the USA.

The Seal
A personal perspectives on the industry, a feedback forum, historical statistics and a concise commentary that investigates how anti sealing protest groups not only distort reality using the media with propaganda tactics but how far they will go to get their message to an uninformed public. The CSA appreciates the work of the site’s moderator immensely.

Seals and Sealing Network
Global portal to all aspects of the seal industry and markets.

The Global Coalition of Wildlife Managers, IWMC
Their views on a sustainable Seal harvest show us thankfully that some in Europe can see far beyond the lies and propaganda put forth by the animal rights activists.

Fur Trade Institute of Canada
Promoting the sustainable and wise use of Canada’s fur resources

History of the Seal Hunt
Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Heritage project has a good selection of background history on the seal industry from the past to recent times.

Activist Cash
Ever wonder where groups like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society get their money from?, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, provides the public and media with in-depth profiles of anti-consumer activist groups, along with information about the sources of their exorbitant funding.