January 2017

The popular Vancouver restaurant Edible Canada will be offering it’s own culinary take on east coast seal meat in a new dish they call seal pappardelle. Chef Eric Pateman thinks seal meat is important because not only for it’s nutritious protein value but also for it’s historical links to Canada. So it’s no better a time to serve this dish now when Canada is celebrating it’s very own 150th birthday in 2017 as highlighted on Dine Out Vancouver’s list of fine eating in Canada. Mr. Pateman said he was grateful to Carino Inc. from Newfoundland for sending out the frozen seal meat. Below is an interview he gave to The Broadcast, a local CBC radio show.

Video interview (NTV News) Click here

Seal Stories

St. John’s Newfoundland CBC radio show “Radio Noon” has an archived audio clip of a phone-in show with listeners’ tales of the sealing industry passed down through generations. Special guest Jim Winter shares his views and insights.