“Newfoundland company says customers are begging for seal oil products”

From: Barbara Dean Simmons – Saltwire journalist: November 18, 2022
Kendall Flood doesn’t worry that Ár n-oileán Resources won’t be able to find buyers for its products.

When it comes to seal oil, said the company’s CEO, “We have customers that are begging for the product.” “We just need to get the doors open and start processing seals,” said Flood.

After eight years of work to build a business, the stars seem to be aligning for Ár n-oileán Resources. In October, after 18 of negotiation, they scored a big deal, acquiring the intellectual licences and physical properties of a Caboto Seafoods, a company operating in Fleur de Lys, on the province’s Baie Verte Peninsula.

That company was created in 1996 by the late George Walsh and his wife, Millie. Together they developed a special refining technology for seal oil and in 2005 built a new processing plant in Fleur de Lys.

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