In 2018 former CSA president Jim Winter wrote for The Downhome magazine’s June issue why the EU, British and American sealing policy is hypocritical and anti-democratic.

During the most recent seal harvesting season, I was reminded again about how much inflammatory information is circulated by anti-sealing groups. Much of it is believed by those who might mean well in their protection of animals but don’t realize that it’s not the seal population that is under threat, but the people who legally and humanely hunt these animals for food and for a living. I hope that the following clears up a few things.

Canadian sealing is a sustainable use of a natural resource carried out by licensed, well-trained sealers under the rules and regulations of the Government of Canada, which have been developed based upon both population science and humane killing techniques, and apply to all Canadians. To read more and see the color article click here for the PDF file

Thanks to the Downhome Magazine for republication permission