In today’s Telegram the CSA president Eldred Woodford talks about some positive signs for the upcoming sealing season. Carino company CEO Dion Dakins is also interviewed about the prospects for this year’s harvest.

Carino, the largest seal processing company in the province, has decided to buy pelts from sealers this year, following a hold on the purchases in 2015.

Although 2015 was a poor year for markets, 2016 is being viewed in a more positive light by harvesters now that Carino has decided to seek 50,000 harp seals for meat, fat and hides. Read Ashley Fitzpatrick’s article in full here.

Eldred Woodford, president of the CSA, speaks to Jamie Fitzpatrick of the CBC’s The Broadcast about the upcoming sealing season.

To hear Eldred Woodford speak on the upcoming season please click here for audio clips from his VOCM Nightline interview