Dion Diakins, owner CEO of Carino Ltd. says the key to going forward will be “accessing international markets for seal products and demonstrating globally that the harvest is not only viable and sustainable, but also a necessary fisheries eco-management tool.”

“I think that we’re challenged with an appropriate model that’s going to be received internationally to allow us to trade our products into a number of markets,” he told CBC.ca today

Dakins went on to say that he welcomes new players in the seal processing market and  said “the idea Carino doesn’t appreciate having another seal buyer in the fold is incorrect”.  He adds something is right when new players emerge in this industry.

Carino Ltd. has been massively influential with their efforts and professionalism to market seal products and resources over the past 100 years that it is now encouraging other players to emerge.

Full CBC story and interview here with Jamie Baker