Canadian Sealers Association

Eric Pateman moderates a panel discussion at Terroir 2017

Canadian Sealers Association president Eldred Woodford was invited to speak at a discussion panel at Terroir Hospitality 2017, a symposium that brings together innovative and creative influencers from the field of hospitality, including chefs, food and beverage experts, writers and business leaders in Toronto May 29 – 30. The panel was moderated by Eric Pateman and comprised of Eldred Woodford, Dion Dakins of Carino Products Ltd., Todd Perrin Chef at Mallard Cottage and David Serkoak Inuit hunter and Elder.

Here is an interview with Dion Dakins about his time at Terroir 2017.

Terroir is a not-for-profit committee of industry professionals that put on an annual symposium that is about education, networking, sharing collective resources and building a community that helps to strengthen our industry.

Topics discussed were the importance sealing is to our national heritage and the benefits seal is as a sustainable food source besides it’s nutritional value. He reminded the audience of the sealing industry’s best practices and how it is conducted in a fair and humane manner approved by fishery scientists and veterinarians.

Left to right: Eldred Woodford, president of the Canadian Sealers Association, Romy Vaugeois of SeaDNA Canada Enterprises Inc., and Dion Dakins owner of Carino Products Ltd.