The Canadian Sealers Association takes strong exception to the comments by Don Cherry on national television on February 7, 2015 with reference to the Newfoundland and Labrador sealing industry. It appears that he has joined the bandwagon of misinformed celebrities, whose only understanding of the east coast seal industry is one that is filled with savagery and all that is associated with it. The harvest of seals is no different than the harvest of any other animal, either wild or domesticated, and it is undertaken by trained and certified sealers and is sanctioned by both levels of government.

The harvest of seals is important for two reasons, it provides all those who depend upon it with food, clothing and income to support their families and as well a commercial seal harvest keeps a large seal herd from getting out of control and creating an imbalance in a fragile ecosystem. It has been over 45 years now that so called animal rights groups and others have been maligning the seal industry in an effort to raise funds and /or create attention for their own selfish ends at the expense of hard working Canadians who depend upon the harvest from the ocean to support their families.

Frank Pinhorn
CSA Director

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