Luxembourg, October 3, 2013 –

The European Court of Justice rejected one of two appeals by various Inuit groups and industry stakeholders opposed to the European Union’s  2009 ban on imports and trade of seal products. The European Court declared the opponents challenge to the ban as inadmissable. The court document read “The Court confirms the order of the General Court on the inadmissibility of the
action for annulment of the regulation on trade in seal products

Back in 2011 the European General Court had ruled that th ecoalition of concerned groups fighting the ban and trade into Europe of seal products did not have legal standing to bring forth such a challenge.  The court ruling was based on its interpretation of the recently enacted Lisbon Treaty provisions allowing for lower standing thresholds if a plaintiff is challenging the EU rules.

Here are four reports (PDF)  on the decision:

1: Court of Justice of the European Union  press release Oct. 3, 2013

2: Fur Institute’s response: FIC Statement on European Court of Justice Ruling

3: Summary: Analysis of Judgment

4: Judgment of the Court (Official document)