March 17 – 2014 – OTTAWA — This week the final act of a Canadian drama on ice will unfold, not in the Arctic but in a courtroom in Geneva, Switzerland.

Beginning Monday, Canadian officials will make a last-ditch effort to convince the World Trade Organization (WTO) to end the European Union’s ban on the sale of seal products.

The much-politicized ban was first enacted in 2009, and upheld in November 2013 against a Canadian appeal. The decision of this week’s panel will be rendered in mid-April, This will mark the end of a process that has fired up opponents and supporters of the hunt alike. More can be read here (


Related: Leona Aglukkaq announced that she will be leading the Canadian delegation at the WTO hearings.  Read the statement delivered by the Minister to the WTO Appellate Body this morning: Click here to read

FIC Sealing Committee and Seals and Sealing Network press release regarding their representation in Geneva and support of the Government’s appeal. Click here