In a submitted letter to various social media platforms and other media and government persons of interest, former CSA president Jim Winter makes laser precision arguments here on the case against the Canadian federal government giving a project grant to such animal rights activists groups like IFAW in light of the detrimental effect their outrageous campaigns of deceit and lies against our sealing industry and livelihoods over the last number of decades.


Dear Ministers Jordan and Wilkinson,

The International FUND for Animal Welfare is an organisation headquartered in the USA but propagandising world-wide.

  The International Fund for Animal Welfare (iFaw) is a multi million dollar animal rights activist group that has built their multi million-dollar “brand” attacking the people and parliament of Canada because of Canada’s continuing, and historic, seal hunt which contributes to the livelihood of many thousand Canadian citizens.

 For decades this American group has vilified Canadian citizens and castigated the Canadian parliament for failing to change Canadian legislation to suit their wishes; outlaw sealing in Canada. (Google – Canadian sealing: a labyrinth of lies)

 Given this history why has Environment and Climate Change Canada (with the agreement of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans) given $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars) to this American group?  Is it that ECCC and DFO are ignorant of the role this group has played in demonising Canada for over half a century? Is it that Ministers Wilkinson and Jordan blindly followed the “advice” of their advisors?   Is it that the minions and politicians in Ottawa are so detached from reality that they simply have no idea of the activities of iFaw that have not only caused foreign governments to ban Canadian products but negatively impacted on Canadian industries ranging from fishing to tourism to manufacturing  and their respective supply chains?

 It appears that iFaw is planning to fund a Canadian “clean harbours” group (Shawn Bath) whose activities are the essence of “green”: a group whose requests for funding in Canada from Canadian groups and politicians were unsuccessful.

 This is not only an incredible irony but, more importantly, this decision by Ministers Jonathan Wilkinson and Bernadette Jordan is an insult, a slap in the face, to the thousands of rural Canadians throughout the county, in particular those of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador, who have been specifically victimised by the propaganda of this American animal rights organisation. The people of Nunavut have also been victims of this vile propaganda despite in an attempt to appear politically correct iFaw says they exempt the Inuit from their comments.

 Ministers Wilkinson and Jordan stand-up and acknowledge that you were mislead by your advisors and do the right thing: rescind your decision and directly fund the “harbours clean-up” group (Shawn Bath).

 The iFaw presentation to your advisors was their second effort at “green washing” (trying to get people to think differently about their activities). Their first was a successful effort to get their logo jointly exhibited with that of DFO (Department of fisheries and Oceans) and the Grand Manan Island whale rescue group.

“greenwashing” is important to American groups like iFaw, who are essentially “one trick ponies”, as they need to keep their “donators” thinking they are doing something good. Hard to do when there are about 8 million Harp seals and, in the great American tradition, we shoot them when they are fully weaned and independent: they are not like 26 year olds living in their parents basements.

 iFaw will continue to try and “greenwash” their actions and will continue their propaganda campaigns against Canadians as without that propaganda they cannot raise the money they need to continue the lifestyle they enjoy.

Yet Ottawa gives them money! Go figure.


Jim Winter
October 27, 2020