The Canadian Sealers Association applauds a new initiative from a provincial community group Sharing the Harvest who are concerned about provincial food security, sustainability and food sharing for those vulnerable sectors of our population. Yesterday, in conjunction with Natural Boutique, a downtown St. John’s retailer of sealskin clothing, footwear and crafts they put on a seal flipper giveaway to raise awareness to the issues of food sustainability.

The director of Sharing the Harvest is Barry Fordham. Not only is he promoting the concept of distributing locally sourced hunted moose and caribou meat to local food banks, but to also include seal flippers to those in need when possible. Given the incredible nutritional value of seal meat we agree with this idea fully. So on Saturday, December 12 Sharing The Harvest teamed up with Natural Boutique to distribute seal flippers for free with the public making donations to the non-profit group.

But there was another message Kerry Shears, co-owner of the boutique, wanted to send out there to the misinformed anti-seal protesters who sometimes show up outside his storefront. That the seal hunt is no different than any other sustainable humane ethically conducted animal harvest and they should cease spreading propaganda about the sealing industry and products.