For immediate release: April 17, 2015

The Canadian Sealers Association is facing challenging times in light of restrictive market opportunities worldwide for our sealers and producers to sell their product. The CSA will be seeking open discussions with any industry stakeholders with ideas how to best advance the sealing industry for the future.

We want current members and supporters to know that we plan to continue operations in a scaled down mode. Our head office in St. John’s will be closed temporarily till the executive board meet in the summer and decide on a new executive director.

CSA president Eldred Woodford will take over office operations from his home and it should be noted you will find all updates and news releases here on for news and updates. You can still use our PayPal checkout to purchase a membership and any product from our website.

Our contact phone number: (709) 722-8195 is still the same. Please leave a message if someone cannot answer your call. Our email also has not changed, it is:

In closing we want to reiterate that the CSA will continue to advocate for all sealers and industry stakeholders and we will be restructuring for a stronger voice in the future amid this changing and challenging restrictive market place.

We thank you for your continued support and trust in the CSA,

Eldred Woodford,
Canadian Sealers Association