The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has made an important commitment to the seal industry with two loans to both Carino Ltd. and PhocaLux International Inc. who each will receive $1 million each. The Honourable Vaughn Granter, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture made the announcement April 7th in St. John’s.

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The full press release can be found here while below are the highlights from the announcement.


  • The Provincial Government is providing $2 million to support the purchase of seals from the 2015 harvest in the form of loans to Carino Processing Ltd. and PhocaLux International Inc. of up to $1 million each.
  • Funding will go toward the purchase of seal meat, pelts and fat and help to ensure income for sealers and processing workers throughout the province and support the long-term viability of fish stocks. Each company will make matching contributions for processing/marketing activities.
  • There are currently in excess of seven million harp seals in the Northwest Atlantic population.
  • The annual seal harvest is carried out professionally and humanely using procedures that have been recommended and endorsed by veterinarians. All commercial seal harvesters are required to complete humane harvesting, quality, health and handling training.

Media contacts:

Roger Scaplen
Director of Communications
Department of Fisheries
and Aquaculture
709-729-3733, 697-5267
Dion Dakins
Chief Executive Officer
Carino Processing Ltd.
Shannon Lewis
Executive Director
PhocaLux International Inc.
709-253-4332, 532-7925