“Reconseal Inuksiuti” recently marked two years in operation for founders Yoanis Menge and Ruben Komangapik with their hunting and harvesting initiative.

“We came up with “recon-seal” as a play of words (a mix of) reconciliation and seal for the animal and so that’s how (everything) started with a word,” said Menge.

That word inspired a new hunting project, titled Reconseal Inuksiuti, founded by the two friends.

Last week marked the start of hunting for the second year of the initiative, with Komangapik and Menge harvesting seal meat from the Magdalen Islands for local organizations to distribute to urban Inuit in Ottawa.

“It’s really, really great because it’s not really an everyday occurrence that we’re able to have access to seal meat and now we are filling the void to be able to have country food,” said Komangapik, who describes himself as a nomad who currently lives in Ottawa.

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