Janet Cull

Janet Cull

Well known provincial talented singer Janet Cull, who hails from the Great Northern Peninsula, would like to set some facts straight to acclaimed Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan when she comes to Mile One Stadium for a concert on November 22.

Janet  feels strongly that McLachlan has been misled by animal rights groups like PETA about how the east coast seal hunt is conducted. The daughter of a sealer, Cull will be outside Mile One Stadium with fellow North Country Girls singer Natalie Noseworthy, and together hope others join them in a friendly get together to inform and remind McLachlan that if she is to use her celebrity status to send social messages to the masses she should get her facts right about the humane and sustainable seal hunt.

Cull is a fan of McLachlan’s singing and is not asking locals to boycott the concert. She just want s to stress that McLachlan if off course with her anti-sealing message. Janet Cull’s Facebook page is here to send her a message of support.

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