The Canadian Sealers Association (CSA) kindly reminds and welcomes all our members to have a paid up membership for 2015. This helps us keep you informed and aware of important industry news, regulations, notices, events and training workshops that shall be happening near you in the coming months ahead as we get set for the upcoming seal harvest season. Our current annual registered membership is  1750 and our goal is to increase that number to 2000 by April of this year.

We appreciate all your support. Annual membership fee is only $25.00.  You can pay online here

You do not have to be a sealer to be an active member in the CSA.  Membership is open to all, even if you are just a public supporter, industry stakeholder, crafts or clothing retailer in sealskin fur, your support is appreciated.

The CSA has worked closely with the federal Department of Fisheries on behalf of all our members to advocate and offer best practices in training to conduct themselves in a safe and humane harvest. 2015 will be the first year that all sealers will have to be certified in order to obtain a license to participate in the seal harvest.