In response to discussions and questions online, the Canadian Sealers Association president, Eldred Woodford, would like to clarify it’s position on MED training as a prerequisite needed for sealers on all commercial vessel sizes.

“There has been a lot of confusion today with regards to who requires MED training. MED training is required on all commercial vessels regardless of size. Vessels operating inside 20 nm require MED A3. Vessels operating outside 20 nm require MED A1. Earlier comments pertaining to the phasing in by vessel length pertained to the class of Ticket required by the operator/master of the vessel. On smaller vessels (speedboats) a SVOP is required at a minimum.

Larger vessels require higher class Tickets (FM4) for example. Under the current Transport Canada requirements to operate a speedboat engaged in any commercial activity ( i.e. sealing/fishing ) all operators require at a minimum a SVOP card and MED A3. FYI this is not some regulation that the CSA/PFHCB/FFAW has imposed on anyone who is seeking to be upgraded to Professional Sealer. When putting together the proposal to lift the license freeze we simply stated the mandatory Transport Canada criteria that applies to all who are following the prescribed regulations that apply to them.”

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