One of our most ardent supporters is fisheries consultant and industry advocate Robert Hardy sent us this file (PDF) presentation on how he once proposed to utilize the full seal for markets worldwide as a viable nutritious food staple. Below he talks about the reaction he got, or lack of,  from the powers that were and his arguments for fighting to make this great renewable sustainable food source available for many who are in need of it. Below are excerpts and here is the link to the full file

Bob also has produced an excellent video presentation on this vital issue:



11 years ago, I met with an industry delegation (several companies and practical all have since closed) and the Federal Minister at that time MP Gail Shea. The discussion revolved around challenges facing the sealing industry which are magnified today. I represented a sealing operation in Conception Bay North, and suggested the need to look at the opportunity to supply nutritional supplements to countries with undernourished populations.

I suggested our company could provide bulk edible Omega-3 oil to the program and others could do the same, the end products processed and delivered through “food assistance and international aid” delivered by Ottawa. The concept did not receive much support around the table because it was not perceived as a commercial opportunity “$$$” and here we are today.

Do not limit the ideas, the product concepts and pathways to utilize this abundant and sustainable coastal resource. Look further afield than the primary historical products. Seek new investors, new industry partners and expansion while working towards market accessibility where opportunities exist.