April 8, 2013, St. John’s:   –  The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced opening dates for this year’s seal harvest.

The fishery for Harp Seals will re-open in sealing areas 4 to 8, and 12, at 6 a.m. Tuesday, April 9.
This fishery will open for Front longliners, Area 5 to 8 small boats and speed boats, all Area 4 vessels, and personal use, license classes N100 to N106, N300 to N302 and N400.

The department is advising Newfoundland and Labrador seal harvesters based in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, that the fishery for harp seals will re-open in the Gulf, in sealing areas 9 to 23, and 25 to 27, at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9.

The fishery will open for Gulf longliners, Gulf small boats, Gulf speed boats, and personal use, license classes N200 to N204 and N401.

The Department further advises seal harvesters having a homeport located between Big Brook to Noddy Bay inclusive, operating from vessels less than 40 feet, license classes N203 and N204, that a portion of Sealing Area 5 will also open for harp seals at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9.

Seal harvesters are advised to check with their buyers to confirm a market for their seals before going sealing.