(CBC.ca) The Home from The Sea Sealers Memorial in Elliston is changing attitudes toward the seal hunt with tourists visiting the area., according to Executive Director, Marilyn Coles-Hayley.

The center has tissue boxes handy near it’s wall exhibits that’s because visitor’s “do become emotional,”  said Coles-Hayley.

Coles-Hayley says that the tourists visiting mention the “propaganda” put forth by animal rights activists in the world media, about the seal hunt prior to their visit, but now that they have seen this interpretation center, they leave with a very different view.

“They said coming here and experiencing the centre…experiencing the sealer, they said, totally changed their perspective…..” said Coles-Hayley

The museum is a tribute to the 251 sealers who lost their lives in two separate disasters in 1914. The crew of the SS Newfoundland froze to death during a March blizzard. The SS Southern Cross sank in that same storm. Link to the full CBC story is here

Photos of the center by Jim Winter can be seen here
Home From The Sea Interpretation CenterHome From The Sea Interpretation CenterHome From The Sea Interpretation Center