It never fails to amuse us here at the CSA when we see countries such as Taiwan who blindly join the import ban of seal products because of false and misleading propaganda ( we refuse to say “information”)  fed to them from for profit animal rights mobs. So we decided to remind ourselves of Taiwan’s recent disgraceful record of savaging the nearly extinct shark populations globally simply for the sale and trade of their fins. We’ll talk about their international outrageous tuna fish stock pillaging practices another time. Taiwan is one of three countries who make a top ten list of nations who take part of a 73 million shark haul annually but those same 3 nations, Spain (part of the Euro ban) and the USA,  also feel morally just in banning the trade in seal products. Those nations are in order: Indonesia, India, Spain, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, United States, Japan, and Malaysia. Indonesia, India, Spain and Taiwan account for more than 35 percent of all sharks taken annually, based on their own reported data.

The PEW Environment organization states that:

“The demand for shark fins, meat, liver oil, and other products has driven some populations of these animals to the brink of extinction. Up to 73 million sharks are killed annually to support the global trade in their fins. The International Union for Conservation of Nature assessed in its Red List of Threatened Species that 30 percent of shark populations around the world are Threatened or Near Threatened with extinction. Since sharks are top predators, their depletion also has risks for the health of entire ocean ecosystems.”

A full report can be found here on Taiwan and other nations relentless reckless disregard for maintaining a healthy and sustainable shark fishery promoting best practices

Below this video demonstrates Taiwan’s relentless lust for trading in shark fins. Credit to PEW