Transport Canada is now proposing new vessel safety regulations to make the fishery safer. The new safety requirements proposed will be based primarily on any risk, regardless of size or tonnage. All fishing vessels will be required to enhance their safety procedures, fire fighting abilities and equipment and lifesaving equipment. Those fishing vessels that operate greater distance from shore would be required to have more safety items on board than ones operating closer to shore.

All fishing vessels will be required  to enhance safety procedures, fire fighting and lifesaving equipment. They were published in early February of this year, along with the following points:

“The lack of adequate safety equipment, vessel stability, and clear vessel operational procedures on board fishing vessels pose a significant threat to safety, rendering commercial fishing one of the most dangerous occupations in Canada.”

These changes being proposed follow 14 years of consultation with the fishing industry. Up to 20,000 boats will be affected by the changes, mostly in Atlantic Canada.

To read more on the latest marine vessel safety regulations set out by Transport Canada you can follow this link

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