We here at the CSA find it strangely ironic  to hear news this week that sees the UK government in Whitehall give the green light on a massive cull of badgers! This is the same nation that has for decades slammed the Canadian Seal Harvest as inhumane. So we ask the Brits to stop and ask their local MP how can a badger be shot humanely? Will the EU government complain about this?

Excerpt from today’s online Guardian: (September 17 – 2012)

The government is poised to give the go-ahead to the first full-scale cull of badgers in England, under a policy that could soon mean as many as 100,000 of the animals – a third of the national population – are shot dead by farmers in an attempt to protect cattle from bovine tuberculosis.

According to Whitehall sources, the first of two licences is expected to be issued as soon as Monday for a large pilot cull area in Gloucestershire, which is a hotspot for bovine TB.

Previously, there have been localised trials to test the science behind such culls. Yet despite the mixed results of the tests, ministers have decided to push ahead with the national scheme after winning an appeal-court battle brought by campaigners last week.

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