Clare Baker

Clare Baker

We spotted a very striking sealskin coat displayed at a recent fashion show at the Anna Templeton Center and had to ask who made it and we were told Clare Baker. Clare loves to push the limits of combining seal fur and traditional textiles together. Clare kindly sent us an artists statement and a link to her Facebook page. Her website will be coming soon with online store features.

“My design philosophy comes from a desire to explore and challenge traditional textiles.  Two of my favorite traditional textiles are Wool and Seal Fur and I feel they complement and strengthen one another and this is how and why I choose to combine them in my designs.

My garments are unique.  They are fitted, shaped and carefully considered to highlight the natural sheen of the fur and, ultimately, to complement the personality of the wearer. I also experiment with texture and color in my design process as it brings an edgy and interesting new element to contemporary seal fur design.”

Clare’s Facebook page:

Clare Baker design

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