Bait Masters of P.E.I. is a company that understands making bait should also have some common sense mixed into its ingredients. So the idea of adding seal meat to its bait sausages used to harvest lobster and crab, sourced from the huge available sustainable population of seals in the surrounding Maritime waters will help the fill the gap left by diminishing numbers of herring and mackerel.

Back in the spring of 2021, Bait Masters started producing bait sausages in its $1.4-million facility in Nine Mile Creek using a mix of fish, fish oil in a biodegradable casing. Now the mix will include seal meat.

“Part of that decision came from fishermen who requested it, and part of it came from the abundance of seal, and needing to find a use for… the product,” said co-owner Mark Prevost.

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Bait Masters facility (Shane Hennessey, CBC Photo)

Bait Masters facility (Shane Hennessey, CBC Photo)