1605, 2023

National Seal Products Day

Tuesday, May 16 is National Seal Products Day and it will be celebrated on Parliament Hill Ottawa. National Seal Products Day is celebrated annually during the month of May to promote the seal products industry [...]

2803, 2023

Seal Fishery Re-Opening – April 6, 2023 

March 28, 2023:   DFO advises Newfoundland and Labrador Seal harvesters that the Commercial and Personal Use Seal fishery will re-open in Sealing Areas 4 to 23 and Sealing Areas 25 to 27 at 0600 hours [...]

2803, 2023

When common sense and great ideas meet

Bait Masters of P.E.I. is a company that understands making bait should also have some common sense mixed into its ingredients. So the idea of adding seal meat to its bait sausages used to harvest [...]

1603, 2023

Archives: Cute, cuddly, edible

Defending Canada's seal hunters Jun 2nd 2008: From an article in the Economist.com between a reporter and former CSA president Jim Winter and Aaju Peter. SUSTAINABILITY— whether in reference to farming, logging, fisheries, medicinal plants [...]

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