1301, 2023

Obituary: Bernie Halloran

The Canadian Sealers Association is very sorry to hear of the passing of a great friend and fighter for our industry and heritage Bernie Halloran. He was 67. Bernie owned the very popular seal fur [...]

3110, 2022

Inuit in Ottawa gain new access to fresh seal meat

"Reconseal Inuksiuti" recently marked two years in operation for founders Yoanis Menge and Ruben Komangapik with their hunting and harvesting initiative. "We came up with "recon-seal" as a play of words (a mix of) reconciliation [...]

2010, 2022

Sealing the focus of Senate hearings in Ottawa

The Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans, chaired by Newfoundland and Labrador Senator Fabian Manning, is studying Canada’s seal populations and their effect on Canadian fisheries. In a motion on Oct. 4, Manning proposed the [...]

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