St. John’s – May 24, 2013 –      Canadian Sealers Association executive director Frank Pinhorn, says about 91,000 harp seals have been landed so far this spring. The federal quota for 2013 is 400,000. This year sees an increase of over 69,000 from last years harvest  and 38,000 back  in 2011.

Pinhorn says last year the price for the best pelts was about $28 but this year seal processors are getting up to $38 a pelt.

“This was probably the best year we’ve had since maybe 2008-09,” he said in an interview with Canadian Press journalist Sue Bailey. “The seals were of good quality, and they’re all following the regulations in terms of harvesting – humane harvest and quality harvesting,” he said of sealers.

“So there’s a marked improvement in the way the seals are handled as well. And that gives them a better price.

Sue Bailey’s full articles can be found either at The Globe and Mail or CTV News

Provincial reaction to the harvest numbers is positive

An update was given in the House of Assembly last week by Fisheries Minister Derrick Dalley. Minister Dalley says this amount represents a 30 per cent increase over the previous season when 69,000 animals were harvested. He says the value of the provincial sealing industry has been as high as $55-million annually.

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Listen to Executive director Frank Pinhorn talk to John Furlong of The Fisheries Broadcast on CBC radio, informing people how to become members at the Association and how they can do so via online on our website: Audio clip is here: