November 2013

CSA disappointed with CETA talks

November 22nd, 2013|

St. John's, November 22, 2013 - The CSA director Frank Pinhorn, is disappointed seal industry left out of CETA discussion at recent European free trade talks. ( The European Union's [...]

Quebec support for their sealers

November 21st, 2013|

Quebec: -  November 15, 2013: ( - While the seal hunt in Quebec continues to be criticized on the international stage, the government of Quebec is still planning to promote [...]

October 2013

“Phoque Bardot” burger too hot for some

October 15th, 2013|

October 15, 2013 -   CBC News  - Montreal:      When Kim Côté introduced a seal burger to his restaurant’s menu in 2012, he probably wasn’t expecting that he’d be [...]

May 2013

The best year we’ve had since maybe 2008-09

May 25th, 2013|

St. John's - May 24, 2013 -      Canadian Sealers Association executive director Frank Pinhorn, says about 91,000 harp seals have been landed so far this spring. The federal quota for [...]

March 2013

UPDATE: DFO information sessions

March 11th, 2013|

Febraury 18, 2013 March information sessions.   - The Department of Fisheries and Oceans will be holding seal information sessions next month on the Northern Peninsula for new applicants requesting personal [...]

February 2013

Will the EU play fair?

February 20th, 2013|

February 20, 2013    -   Carrie Tate reports for the Globe and Mail that the legitimacy of the European ban on seal imports may be showing cracks in the midst of [...]

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