We are very thankful for a great media presentation shared to us by the former president of the Canadian Sealers Association, Jim Winter. It is titled “Canadian Sealing – A Labyrinth of Lies” and spells out the hypocrisy in clear detail, the motives and actions of the animal rights groups opposing our humane and sustainable harvest.


Canadian Sealing - A Labyrinth of Lies

For over half a century Canadian sealing has been under attack by multi million dollar American headquartered animal rights corporations whose propaganda has permeated western society and resulted in bad laws being passed by a number of nations banning the sale of Canadian seal products. This propaganda has attacked the character of Canadian sealers, and all indirectly involved in the sealing industry, in the eastern Provinces and the northern Territories and had huge negative impacts on the livelihood of those Canadian citizens. In fact the propaganda is so vile that it has resulted in a number of European Parliaments not simply banning Canadian seal products but in doing so labelled Canadians as an immoral people. This video explores the facts of Canadian sealing but equally importantly points out how “politicians” and “media” have been co-opted by the animal rights corporations (who represent less than 3 percent of western society – if that) to further their agenda … which is to end man’s use of any animal for any reason. Seals are merely the tactic and Canadian sealers are the victims. For now. Who is next? What industry is next?

Jim Winter