January 2024

Obituary: Mark Small 1940 – 2024

January 25th, 2024|

The Canadian Sealers Association has lost one of its major figures with the death of past president Mark Small.  To show respect for Mark's contributions to the CSA, our home [...]

November 2023

March 2023

Archives: Cute, cuddly, edible

March 16th, 2023|

Defending Canada's seal hunters Jun 2nd 2008: From an article in the Economist.com between a reporter and former CSA president Jim Winter and Aaju Peter. SUSTAINABILITY— whether in reference to [...]

February 2023

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October 2021

September 2021

Archives: Sealing: Facts vs Farce

September 8th, 2021|

In 2018 former CSA president Jim Winter wrote for The Downhome magazine's June issue why the EU, British and American sealing policy is hypocritical and anti-democratic. During the most recent [...]

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