2803, 2023

Seal Fishery Re-Opening – April 6, 2023 

March 28, 2023:   DFO advises Newfoundland and Labrador Seal harvesters that the Commercial and Personal Use Seal fishery will re-open in Sealing Areas 4 to 23 and Sealing Areas 25 to 27 at 0600 hours [...]

2803, 2023

When common sense and great ideas meet

Bait Masters of P.E.I. is a company that understands making bait should also have some common sense mixed into its ingredients. So the idea of adding seal meat to its bait sausages used to harvest [...]

1603, 2023

Archives: Cute, cuddly, edible

Defending Canada's seal hunters Jun 2nd 2008: From an article in the Economist.com between a reporter and former CSA president Jim Winter and Aaju Peter. SUSTAINABILITY— whether in reference to farming, logging, fisheries, medicinal plants [...]

1301, 2023

Obituary: Bernie Halloran

The Canadian Sealers Association is very sorry to hear of the passing of a great friend and fighter for our industry and heritage Bernie Halloran. He was 67. Bernie owned the very popular seal fur [...]

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