We want to showcase for our readers a terrific new Canadian seafood company SEADNA who are promoting the seal food industry in the finest professional manner that will do much to open up new world markets as a very healthy  sustainable nutritious food source and choice.

Seal meat has been a staple meal of coastal communities of the Magdalen Islands, Newfoundland and the High Arctic for centuries.  Once cooked mainly using traditional recipes, seal meat is gaining a new following. Although still relatively unknown from Canadian consumers, the excellent taste of the loin, combined with its numerous nutritional benefits, has landed seal in the kitchens of several high end restaurants.

SEADNA facts

Excellent source of nutrition

President of SeaDNA and owner of the specialized butchery Côte-à-côte, Rejean Vigneau, being both a sealer and a butcher, has been working for over 10 years to find the best ways to harvest, collect and preserve seal meat. By knowing how to hunt and work on a ship, Mr. Vigneau has worked closely with the MAPAQ (Provincial Government) in order to develop harvesting and conservation protocols for healthy and top quality seal meat.

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